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Shoöz: Neoprene Water Shoes


The perfect neoprene water shoes to protect baby’s feet at the pool, beach or lake, and during outdoor activities.

Color - Aqua

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Protect your baby's feet on all your water outings with these innovative beach shoes. Perfect for the pool, beach or even lakes, these shoes offer superior protection against splinters, rocks, hot sand and rough surfaces. Thanks to their soft, insulated and durable fabric, they offer the same comfort as a pair of socks while keeping your child safe.

Flexible and non-slip 

The ultra-flexible, non-slip soles of Shoöz ensure reliable grip even on wet surfaces, while UPF 50+ sun protection protects little feet from harmful UV rays. What's more, these shoes float on water, preventing them from getting lost, and are easy to care for thanks to their ability to be machine-washed and dried very quickly. 

Suitable for all ages 

Available in a range of sizes, from XS to L, our baby beach shoes are the ideal accessory for your child to explore their environment in complete safety.

  • Protects from splinters, rocks, hot sand and rough surfaces 
  • Soft and durable fabric 
  • SPF 50+ sun protection 
  • Ultra-flexible and non-slip soles for reliable traction 
  • Float on water to prevent getting lost 

Material: Neoprene

Size chart:

  • XS: size 20-22 / length 12.7 cm
  • S: size 22-24 / length 14.1 cm
  • M: size 24-25 / length 15.7 cm
  • L: size 26-27 / length 16.7 cm

Care instruction: Machine washable and dry very quickly 


What size aquatic shoe should I choose for my child?

We recommend using your child's usual size. 

  • XS: size 20-22 / length 12.7 cm
  • S: size 22-24 / length 14.1 cm
  • M: size 24-25 / length 15.7 cm
  • L: size 26-27 / length 16.7 cm
Why wear water shoes?

Walking barefoot on the beach can be risky. Stones, shell fragments, rocks and hot sand can injure delicate feet, not to mention pieces of glass left behind by careless people. To protect small feet, we recommend wearing closed water shoes. They offer extra protection for the toes, even when the child is climbing rocks.

Can I use the washing machine to clean my water shoes?

Shoöz can be machine-washed in a cold cycle with detergent, preferably on a delicate programme.

Then leave them to dry in the open air, avoiding direct sunlight.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Super cute


They dry fast and fit perfectly

Happy customer

I would definitely size up 1-2 sizes as the first ones we ordered were way too small, but they are so cute and perfect for the beach !

Jimmy Gagnon

Cute and sturdy!


Good price, good fit and cute!