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Trimö: Electric Nail Fail


The perfect tool for shortening baby's nails without the risk of injury. The Trimö ensures gentle, comfortable filing for baby's little fingers in complete silence. The nail file has several discs with different grits to suit different age groups

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A nail file for every age

The electric nail file is fitted with filing discs with different grits for different age groups, ensuring optimum use at every stage of your child's growth:

  • Pink disc for newborns (0-3 months): an ultra-soft grain for the delicate nails of newborns (included).
  • Blue disc for babies (3-6 months): a slightly tougher texture to follow the development of nail hardness (included).
  • Green disc for babies (6-12 months): designed for nails that begin to strengthen with age(included).
  • Orange disc for young children (12 months and over): a grain adapted to children's harder nails(included).

The comfort of silent filing

The TRIMO electric nail file is the perfect tool for looking after your baby's nails without any risk of injury. Its design ensures gentle, comfortable filing for little fingers, while being quiet enough not to disturb baby's sleep.

    • Soft, painless and silent filing.
    • 2-speed switch
    • Anti-Slip Edge for Good Grip - Sure-grip design means you always retain a firm hold on the nail clipper

    Comes in a case with 4 different grain discs: pink (0-3m), blue (3-6m), green (6-12m), orange (12m+). 

    Carrying Case & 4 Filing Discs Included

    Change disc when surface becomes smooth (spare disc available separately)

    Requires one AA (LR6) battery (not included)

    Dimensions: 12 x 4.8 x 3.3 cm


    How do I use the nail file?

    After making your child comfortable, check that the disc is not too worn. Change it if it is. Hold your baby's fingers loosely and gently place the filing disc on the end of the baby's nail. Make sure you always file a small section of the nail at the end to prevent the friction from overheating the finger. 

    How do I change a filing disc?

    Remove the worn disc by pulling it towards you, then replace it with a new one, pressing it firmly into place.

    At what age should I start using an electric nail file?

    The Trimo nail file can be used from birth. Quiet and gentle, it guarantees fast results, even during naps.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 121 reviews

    Tres bon produit pratique et efficace pour les ongles fins et delicats des enfants.

    N'etant pas bruyant et tres doux, nous l'utilisons sans probleme durant la sieste des enfants, sans les deranger.

    Je recommande ce produit à 100%


    Je suis tre satisfaite du produit. Un stress de moins pour l'entretien des ongles de bebe :)�


    This nail trimmer is perfect! I make the mistake one time with regular clippers and Accidentally clipped my daughters finger and I was scared to clip them again. So this file was a lifesaver for ma and my daughter.


    This electric nail trimmer for babies has got to be one of the best inventions. I love that it practically sands off the nail and makes it so much easier to trim those sharp little baby nails! I love this so much!


    This mail file is an absolute godsend!!! It was so easy to shorten my 1 year olds nails. I no longer have anxiety cutting his nails and maybe cutting him. He now just sits and eats a snack as I file his nails down with this dremel. It works perfectly!