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Klöck:Learning Alarm Clock


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REchargeable night light & Learning alarm clock

The Klöck by Bblüv will quickly become a staple in your little one’s room. This multifunctional item is an alarm clock, night light and learning device all in one. Use its intuitive color changing and icon system to help your child figure out when it’s time to sleep and time to wake up. Then teach your child to tell time on its high-contrast display. Klöck will make bedtime a fun and playful moment that you will be able to share with your little one.

  • Sleep training 
  • 7 Levels of brightness
  • Child safety lock
  • 7 days of battery life
  • Compact, lightweight & portable
  • Easy-to-read digits
  • Quick and easy to program 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Christy Len

This is a good wake up clock for little ones who want to get out of their room super early. You let them know that they can only get up/out when the light turns yellow. And you set it to a certain time when it will. My little one is still a bit young to understand this concept but we will have it when he is.It was easy to set up and I did a full charge as soon as I got it and after a few days, it was still working. Then I charged it so it wouldn't run out of batteries during the night. It doesn't have a battery level indicator so I charge it every few days.The great thing is that is has a way to child lock it - so even if my son presses random buttons, he can't accidentally (or purposefully change the wake up time/colour)!


They show the time and has an alarm setting to make sure the kids get the concept of sleep time and wake up time. It has a night light that can be used as a night lamp too. The light level can be adjusted accordingly. One we set the sleep and wake up time, the color of the light changes and my son can interpret it easily. I charged it to fill and it has been going strong for a few days now. I have set to highest level of brightness for the light. It is of decent size and sturdy on the nightstand. It comes with very detailed instructions too.


This is an important first bed-side clock for your children. The design language is simple and sturdy. The display is large and well-lit. More importantly, the display changes color depending on certain conditions.You initially program sleep and wake times. Based on these variables, the display turns blue at sleep time, and will turn yellow at wake time. If there are bright lights in the room, the yellow display turns green.My 5.5-yr old has noticed these changes, and now knows that when the display is blue, it is time for bed. He is also reading out the numeric time display, although does not fully comprehend the meaning of 9:30, as an example!Very nice clock set for kids!


Ce bblüv klöck est un réveil 3 en 1 pour les enfants. Il permet de développer leur autonomie. Cela permet aux enfants de comprendre lorsqu'il est temps d'aller dormir ou de se réveiller grâce à différentes icônes et couleur. On peut aussi travailler la lecture de l'heure avec nos petits.Positifs :- parfait pour développer une certaine autonomie- couleur et icônes différents pour facilité la compréhension des enfants- affiche numérique facile à lire- plusieurs niveaux de luminosité- rechargeable- robuste- bonne autonomie- se transporte facilement- facile à programmer- peut se verouiller pour éviter que l'enfant joue avec les heures- favorise une bonne routine et permet à l'enfant de savoir lorsqu'il peut se leverNégatifs:- aucun actuellement. Un update sera fait si besoinEn somme , cet article est idéal pour rendre autonome nos petits face à leur routine de lever et de dodo .Les articles de ce genre sont généralement coûteux. Celui-ci me semble raisonnable dans la braquette de prix des compétitifs.Je recommande grandement cet achat afin de favoriser de bonnes routines et une autonomie !

Nurse Mama

Positives:Establishes/ reinforces routineColour coded to help your littles when it’s time to get upSturdy and well builtNight lightArrived quickly and nicely packaged. Would recommend!