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Echö: Wireless Fetal Doppler


Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy with this portable wireless baby heartbeat monitor that allows you to hear and record your baby’s heartbeat, kicks and hiccups in the privacy of your own home.

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Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy with the Echö! The wireless heart rate monitor lets you hear and record your baby's heartbeat from the comfort of your own home. Start creating unforgettable memories with your baby thanks to the Echö.

Peace of mind for parents

Equipped with high-precision sensors, our monitor captures every heartbeat of your baby with remarkable accuracy. Listen to the reassuring heartbeats of your baby at any time, reducing pregnancy-related anxiety. 

Privacy and connection 

The fetal doppler Echö gives you an intimate experience as you listen to your baby's magical sounds, strengthening the bond between you. You'll hear your baby's little heart beating rapidly. As your baby grows, the heartbeat becomes become stronger

Share with friends and family 

The portable doppler lets you share special moments with your baby by allowing your loved ones to hear his or her heartbeat, creating a unique bond with the dual auxiliary output.

  • Secure and non-invasive 
  • Compact and ergonomic design 
  • High sensitivity and clear sound (3 MHz) 
  • Lightweight and portable 


  • Wired headphones with auxiliary outputs
  • Dual auxiliary output adapters
  • Auxiliary/USB A recording cable
  • 9V battery

Care instructions:
Before cleaning, switch off Echö, disconnect the headphones and recording cable and remove the battery. If you have used gel, clean the transducer probe with a soft cloth. You can disinfect the probe by wiping it with ethanol wipes
or 70% alcohol wipes, then drying it with a soft, dry cloth.

Power supply: 9V battery, included (non-rechargeable)

Dimensions: 0.10 x 5 x 7 cm


When can I start listening to the baby?

We recommend using Echö after the 16th week of pregnancy. Before this date, there are many variables that may not yet allow you to hear your baby, such as the position of your placenta. Remember that the baby is still very small before the 16th week of gestation. Echö works more like a laser pointer more like a laser pointer than a projector, so you will hear the baby when it is perfectly aligned. If you get it slightly wrong, you may not hear the baby's heartbeat. As the weeks go by and the baby grows, it will be easier for you to find the baby's heartbeat.

Why there's no sound in the headphones?

Check that the power indicator F is lit. Check that the headphone lead is firmly plugged into the Echö headphone socket. Check that all wires are in good condition. Increase the volume using the On/Off/Volume button. If it still doesn't work, install a new battery.

How to use Echö fetal doppler?
  1. Power On the Echö with the On/Off/Volume control . The Power indicator light will turn on to indicate the Echö is on.
  2. Hold the monitor to your heart first to test it. (Your heartbeat is easier to distinguish compared to the baby’s heartbeat). 
  3. After checking that the Echö is working properly, hold it to your abdomen to listen to your baby’s heartbeat. 
  4. Move the Echö very slowly to find the optimum placement based on the baby’s current position.
  5. After the heartbeat is detected, adjust the volume to a comfortable level and enjoy.
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Customer Reviews

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Fonctionne très bien pour ma conjointe nous l’avons utilisé dès la 14ieme semaine de grossesse et on entend le cœur du bebe à merveille!!On utilise un gel a base d’eau pour de meilleures résultats!


Works really well with an ultrasound gel!

Canadian IT Veteran

I bought this bblüv doppler for my wife and I to listen to our baby's heart rate in the womb.With the COVID protocols in place, the clinic's were not always allowing partners to accompany the mothers during ultrasound visits, so I thought this would also be a nice way for us to hear the heart beat at home together.The bblüv comes with a splitter that allows two sets of headphones or earbuds to be plugged together, so both parents can listen to the babies heart rate together. We didn't use the splitter, we just shared a single set of earbuds. I do wish they this unit had a speaker on it, as more expensive dopplers seem to have. Having said that, we both like this bblüv doppler because it is compact and easy to transport in its included tote bag.Sometimes it is hard to find the heartbeat, and we used coconut oil as a lubricant, which worked well.I would recommend this doppler to parents who want to listen to their baby's heart rate. It worked well for us, and we started listening from a fetal age of 16-17 weeks until present (37 weeks).After our baby is born, we will probably give this away to friends or family, as we don't plan on having more children. The unit is of good quality, and I imagine it will continue to be of use for years to come.

Suzy Nakayama

Great product, especially for the first few months when you cannot feel the baby yet.


Bought for my wife while we were expecting our first. The heart beat came through easy enough after 20wks, with gel bought separately. My wife has a BMI 30+ and had no problems hearing the heart beat and also was great for easing any anxieties after not feeling a kick for a while.