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Tasse évolutive en silicone - Küp

Couleur - Bleu

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Apprenez lui à boire progressivement. De l'étape de siroter au bec à celle de boire à la paille puis directement à la tasse, ce gobelet d'apprentissage évoluera avec votre petit et l'encouragera à gagner en assurance.

Caractéristiques :

  • Anti-déversement
  • Durable et résistant aux tâches
  • Lavable au lave-vaisselle
  • Silicone100% de qualité alimentaire
  • Sans phtalates ni BPA


Gobelet évolutif schéma

Conçu en Amérique du Nord
Approuvé par les parents
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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Louise H

Étanche, ne coule pas, jolie couleur, pour un enfant le verre est très résistant. Vient avec couvert pour la paille, incluse. Je ne regrette pas mon achat


This is a great product for all parent's looking for a non toxic glass alternative! Easy to clean and transitional from sippy spout to a straw to a simple drinking cup. I love it! It is a little heavy as the actual cup is made from silicone not plastic.....which is no big deal as you are able to rest assured you're not poisoning your little one.I defiently recommend this cup for sure!!

Christy Len

I have a lot of bbluv products, I love their plates and bibs and this cup did not disappoint. I love how versatile it is. I am trying to teach my almost 2 year old to drink frrom an open cup but he still likes using a straw. With this cup, it can be a straw, a sippy cup or a regular cup which is fantastic. It is easy for him to hold and drink from and we use it a lot!


This little cup is so helpful for young ones learning to drink out of cups. There are a variety of spout options and a straw. The little cup is perfect in the dishwasher and quite safe over allI am happy with this product


I tested this myself before giving it to my one year old. It’s a soft and flexible silicone material, very durable and thick. So it is of good quality. If it’s turned upside down, obviously it’ll leak (whether the sippy cup nozzle or straw cup nozzle), and if it’s upright, it won’t leak as long as you don’t squeeze the sides of the cup. I also held the cup sideways and no leaks! My littles only use straw bottles or open cup itself, so I’m assuming since the bottles we use are a hard plastic. My one year old was squeezing the cup, and her whole front side was soaked with water. It’s a good design and bbluv is a trusted brand that we use in our house. But because my littles all have used open cup and straw bottles since 6 months old, it isn’t meeting our expectations for this specific product. If your little won’t squeeze the sides of their bottle or cup, then this is the perfect one for you! Arrived quickly, and nicely packaged!