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Lampe anti-moustiques - Moskitö


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Lampe anti-moustiques silencieuse

Le Moskitö est la solution sûre pour éloigner les nuisibles sans produits chimiques. Assurez un environnement sans moustiques pour l'ensemble de votre famille.

  • Ne réveille pas bébé
  • Solution sans produits chimiques
  • Système sécurisé
  • Facile d'entretien

    Que vous souhaitiez éloigner les moustiques de la chambre de bébé, de la salle de jeux ou de tout autre espace intérieur souvent fréquenté, son design compact et élégant vous facilitera la vie, intégré-le aisément dans votre intérieur.

    Facile à utiliser et à nettoyer, cette lampe détecte les insectes nuisibles grâce à son ventilateur silencieux équipé de LED UV et les emprisonnent dans un réservoir dissimulé.

    Protégez la santé et la peau délicate de bébé des risques reliés aux piqûres d'insectes !


    Conçu en Amérique du Nord
    Approuvé par les parents
    Produits innovants
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    cedric j. isip, mdcedric j. isip, md

    I picked this over all the others because of the aesthetics. Simple and clean design. Zen.Product looks sturdy and durable. Push button operation. The UV lamp also incorporated a fan which sucks the bugs towards it.I almost gave this a failing score because i could not seem to open the bottom. I even tried using a pair of pliers. It wouldn’t budge. Clockwise or counterclockwise. Eventually, one day, it opened. Now it’s easy to open.Not much kill but since i placed this near our door which is guarded by a main door, i guess we don’t really have much bugs.Still my favorite.

    Avid Reader

    This is a larger and more solid machine which should last longer.


    The media could not be loaded. Overall my favourite aspect of this 🐛 🐜 insect elimination lamp is it actually works.! And I love the minimalistic-clean and slick design .!It’s super easy to use and very user-friendly.I have small carpet beetles flying around my apartment occasionally and little fruit flys and thus far this is catching them .! I find them at the bottom.!!Absolutely recommend.It doesn’t take up too much space and actually complements my home decor .Now I have not use this yet with mosquitoes or large flies but I believe it should work great if it does with other insects and flys .


    Tired of having mosquitos and strange night insects inside of your house?This Bblüv Light attracts them and thanks to the built-in air vacuum they get stuck inside once they enter it.✓ Easy to install.✓ Very low energy cost compared to other brands.✓ Good built quality.✓Great price and value.✓ Works flawlessly.


    We bought another brand that’s currently very popular on all social media, turned out to be totally useless - didn’t catch any mozzie! Saw this on Amazon decided to give it a go as their webcam baby monitor worked wonder for me.Very fast delivery from Amazon. Tried overnight and woke up with mozzies in the bottom. Very happy with the purchase, it looks stylish and well designed, runs very quietly, perfect for babies’ room.Not suitable for camp though as it needs to be plugged on power to use.